Adopted by Membership November 5, 2009
Revised To Add Rules #22 and #23 on May 03, 2012

Rule #20 Revised by Membership Action January 8, 2015

Members will check-in on Total Hours for all jobs received for the month.



Exception: All jobs worked on bulk docks shall be free hours.
These jobs shall be dispatched in normal rotation and shall be considered "Flop Jobs" if not taken.

(Free Hours Suspended as Per Membership Action: All Hours Must Be Counted.)
Hours shall return to 'Zero' on the first day of the month.
Jobs will be dispatched in rotation. Low-Hour Foremen out first.



Foremen who flop: shall add ten (10) hours for key and eleven (11) hours for flex jobs.  They cannot work their primary shift.  Foremen who check-in for a double shift and flop one of them shall flop both and add the combined total of both shifts.



Check-in time deadlines: Days 3:30 p.m.  Nights 1:00 p.m.  Any hall Foremen not told to check-in by 3:00 p.m. Shall be paid for the following day at the prevailing rate: 10 hour for key. "Anyone checking in after the establised check-in times will be considered late and will be dispatched last after everyone including steady's who have checked-in on time."
As Per Membership Action of January 6, 2011.
Jobs will be dispatched at the following times: Days after 4:00 p.m.,
Nights after 2:00 p.m. Please do not call for your job before these times.
Members left on the board will remain available until 5:30 p.m.





Days off:  Hall Foremen may Square-Off any three Days/Nights of each payroll week (thier primary shifts) without taking average.  Hall Foremen shall be available/work four (4) Days/Nights of their primary shift or take average.  Flops do not count as a Day/Night of availability. To be elegible for PGP you must be available Monday through Friday unless excused by a doctor's appointment, served a subpoena, verified union business with documentation.
Hall Foremen Shall Take Comebacks Or Call A Replacement.



Members can call a replacement after the first day on the job without taking hours. Foremen must take thier primary shift off after calling a replacement.


During the hours of dispatch (1:00 p.m. To 5:00 p.m.) Only Members with Union Business or emergencies will be allowed in the dispatch office.
All Hall Foremen shall be dispatched before any Steady's that volunteer.


All Third Shift jobs shall be Volunteer for both Day and Night Members.


Steady Foremen checking-in to volunteer shall give total hours worked or paid for the month on Friday.
All jobs shall be dispatched by check-in hours.  No priority shall be given to those Foremen wishing to double back on their own jobs (night side), any Foremen wishing to volunteer shall be dispatched by hours.  Those checking-in without hours shall then follow.
Foremen shall not be permitted to work more than two (2) consecutive shifts.
16. Sequence for working Days-to-Nights or Nights-to-Days:
Days Dispatch: (1) day hall, (2) night hall, (3) day steady, (4) night steady.
Night Dispatch: (1) night hall, (2) day hall, (3) night steady, (4) day steady.


Members will take average after being Off The Board three (3) or more consecutive Days/Nights if the Member is below average.



If a member flops three (3) or more consecutive Days/Nights without working, the member must take average on the fourth (4th) Day/Night or the next Day/Night the member checks-in providing, the member is below average.
Any combination of rules Seventeen (17) and Eighteen (18) which equals three (3) Days/Nights of non-availability, members shall be required to check-in on average.


All members shall be required to be checked in before being dispatched to work (Per Membership Action October 6, 2005). Per Membership Action January 8, 2015. You must be checked in by 6:30 am to receive a timely placed order on the Day side.



Visitors shall be allowed to check-in and work out of the dispatch hall on a no-comeback basis.  The reciprocal dispatch rights shall apply.
When traveling between LA/LB and the ports of San Diego and Port Hueneme; consecutive shifts shall not be worked in separate ports unless cleared by an officer. As Per Membership Action of March 7, 2012.

Members on comebacks may volunteer to travel when a shortage of available work in LA/LB exists.  Such members will check-in on thier hours and if/when dispatched to travel, they will replace themselves for the job on which they were given a comeback.  Failure to accept the travel dispatch will result in a flop and the forfeiture of the comeback job.

Members who make themselves available for travel with comebacks will check-in on thier perspective boards (Days or Nights), by hours in a separate travel category.  These members will be dispatched by hours against the other members within the travel category.

Sequence of dispatch for Day-Side Travel is as follows:
(1) Day Hall, (2) Day Hall on comebacks, (3) Night Hall, (4) Day Steady,
(5) Night Steady.

Sequence of dispatch for Night-Side Travel is as follows:
(1) Night Hall, (2) Night Hall of comebacks, (3) Day Hall, (4) Night Steady,
(5) Day steady.

  As Per Membership Action of February 2, 2012, reviewed for 90 Days and adopted as of May 3, 2012


The third (3rd) shift is Volunteer Only, with lowest hours first out in the following swqunce: (1) Hall, (2) Steady.
All third (3rd) shift jobs are One Shift Only With No Comebacks.
The primary shifts for all Foremen is either the First (1st) shift (Days) or
the Second (2nd) shift (Nights).
All Hall Foremen, Day or Night, Must Add Ten (10) Hours or Be Checked-In on their resective primary shift (1st or 2nd) in order to be dispatched to the third (volunteer) shift.
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